Our story

Project 9 is a nonpartisan organization that connects youth with opportunities to engage with their state and local governments. Project 9 is led by youth in over 40 states, and opportunities include internships, lobby days, activism workshops, internships, and more. Partnered with dozens of organizations, such as The Obama Foundation, The National Women’s Political Caucus, The American Youth Policy Forum, and more, Project 9 is revolutionizing the way that young people engage with state and local politics. 


Project 9 spun out the Young Voters Project in 2021. The Young Voters Project is a youth-led political strategy task force that optimizes political campaign strategy to win the youth vote and engage young voters in elections for public office. The youth vote is powerful, and tapping into youth networks greatly increases campaign success. We utilize our networks of youth from Project 9 and partner organizations in order to effectively redesign campaign strategy with youth priorities and engagement in mind.